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The Horse Therapist

Are you looking for the right nutrition management for your horse? Does your horse have problems or would you rather prevent than cure? Are you curious as to whether your horse receives the appropriate food, supplements or medication, or for example, has a nutrient deficiency? Do you want to know if your horse is in pain and where?

The Horse Therapist can help you answer many of your questions. The Horse Therapist specializes in customized horse nutrition. The Horse Therapist makes herb mixes specifically for the needs of your horse or pony and also measures horse nutrition, supplements, and pain with the pain protocol. You can also find various products in our range, such as magnesium oxide and Fir Humic clay.

The herb mixes are measured individually on each horse withe every order, which makes each mix a unique product, customized to what is really needed. With their active substances, the herb mixes make a major contribution to the health and balance of horses and help with various problems.

The amount of grams in a herb mix that is required is determined by the height at the withers. Choose a herb mix that matches the height of your horse or pony, create an account with all the required information that is needed and place an order. The combination of the herbs in the mix will be determined after receiving your order. The composition and advice are stated on the package. The herb mix is used for a 5 week period, after this period the herbs have done their job and you can order a new herb mix to keep feeding and supporting your horse.

Besides this The Horse Therapist is also a certified cranio sacral relax therapist. If you would like to book an appointment then please visit the website.


Warrington Top Flight Equestrian Centre

Warrington Top Flight Equestrian Centre is run by the Moloney family who have been involved in all aspects of the horse industry for many years, and have competed internationally in showjumping and eventing.

LESSONS: The center has excellent facilities and carries approval from the Association of Irish Riding Establishments. Warrington has a wide choice of horses and ponies on offer to suit every standard of rider. We cater for adults and children. We also offer specialised showjumping lessons.

TREKKING: Surrounded in beautiful countryside in the heart of Kilkenny, we offer a range of trekking options. We cater for those who want a leisurely trek or for those that want to push themselves that bit further. All our horses and ponies are experienced on roadside tracks.

SHOWS : The center also plays host to many competitions in a variety of disciplines. Events include Showjumping Ireland registered shows, including National Grand Prix’ AIRC, Pony Club, Interschool’s, RDS Qualifiers, Christmas Show and a host of unregistered shows.

PONY CAMPS :The center also runs pony camps during the school holidays. Here the children not only make friends, but learn to ride and take care of their ponies. The camps finish with end of camp show.

SPECIALIST TRAINING :Specialist show jumping lessons available on request.We offer instruction from riders who have competed nationality and internationally. We also host some show jumping leagues throughout the year. At present we have a mini, midi, and maxi league running until the end of November.


Winter Stars | Fivestars Tour | Youngster Tour Ireland | Baby Stars | Pony Stars Tour

The Youngster Tour was introduced as a new concept for 2020, creating showjumping classes for 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8 Yr Old Irish bred horses, at height levels that allow inexperienced horses & their riders to gain valuable competition in a Main Arena environment. The course heights & designs are ideal to help safely progress these combinations up the levels. We also aim to give breeders, owners & riders a showcase for their Irish Horses, encouraging the high end amateur owner to come to the Tour for their new horses.

The Fivestars Tour was introduced in Spring 2021, It is a Showjumping Tour with a number of Qualifying Shows & a Grand Final. Height bands 85cm to 1.25m. Open to all ages horses & passports. with all entries now via Equipe

The Winter Stars Tour introduced in Autum 2021, to allow riders to continue their jumping over the Winter months. Making jumping in the winter accessible, fun and giving riders of all levels a main stage to promote their talent for both themselves and their horses & ponies. All entries now via Equipe

The Pony Stars Tour **New 2022** A class for ALL our Pony Producers, to include, Juniors & Adult riders. Ideal for all pony producers, for Jumping, Eventing, Pony Club, Working Hunter & Connemara Producers.If you want to stay on a 148cm+ pony to compete when you are 16+. A class for ALL our Pony Producers, to include, Juniors & Adult riders. Ideal for all pony producers, for Jumping, Eventing, Pony Club, Working Hunter & Connemara Producers.

The Baby Stars Tour ** New 2022** a new class on the Winter Stars Tour in the coming week, called The Baby Stars. This class will be an introductory class to our Tour, for those riders just coming into the sport from other disciplines & also a production class for our professional riders & our riders with new mounts, giving the horses a safe start in a main arena setting

If you want to stay on a 148cm+ pony to compete when you are 16+

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