Sparrow Equestrian

Qualfied and insured Coach with the BHS and HSI , I am a BHSII stable manager , BHSAI APC and HSI level 1 , I also hold a diploma in Equine and Stud Management, Degree in Human Resources and also a degree in Business and leisure management .I have been working in the industry since 2007 and been around horses for 20 plus years and I own my own equestrian business Sparrow Equestrian where I provide top class coaching and other services aswell as education and change making to the industry . I have a keen interest in Show jumping and compete regularly myself but my passion is training horses and riders the right way . horse just want to work with us in harmony and it’s a real bug bare when I go into yards and see their welfare is not paramount. Horses rely on their ethogram food - to know no hunger so feeding the correct amount ,friends- ensuring they get time to spend with their horse pals , freedom – regular turn out and down time aswell as freedom from ill treatment and pain. The other area I am passionate about is rider confidence as it affects every discipline , every rider , every level and can happen at any time and it happens to everyone. I have developed strategies to bring out the best in every rider which then builds confidence as a result . channelling low energy approaches to riding to create a calm relaxing environment in which horse and rider thrive as a result.
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Type of Business: Equine Services,Horse Producers,Horse Sales,Instructors
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