Unregistered Showjumping

Pre-entry by each Thursday evening pre-Show. Enter by putting your name & details on the Noticeboard at Warrington, or email your entry directly to warringtonshows@gmail.com
128 Ponies jump first in each competition, followed by 138 Ponies followed by 148 Ponies.
Comps 1 – 3 will be Two Phase (untuned), and Comps 4 – 14 will be Two Phase, with Phase 2 Against the Clock.
All Events will be run subject to current Government Covid-19 guidelines. See the Startlist (on Noticeboard/Facebook) the Friday before each show day for running order.
If entering by email, please include rider/animal name, competition(s), pony height (e.g. 128/138/148 Pony or Horse) and contact number.

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