Professional Equine Integrative Support Therapy Course

If you are passionate about becoming a first class Equine Massage Therapist from an organisation where you will receive the highest standards of training, materials and support required then this is the course for you! ​ It is very important to note that there are training organisations offering short courses at low fees in Equine Massage, however such courses will not give you the required knowledge, skills, experience or competency levels to become a Professional Therapist. A number of Vets whom we work with will not recognize such a qualification. We do not support such training ethics. ​ Equi-ed and EMA is proud to produce highly qualified Therapists to meet the growing demand for high quality, caring professionals within the equine complimentary healthcare sector. To achieve this, it has developed a fully integrated career qualification. The qualification provides extremely high standards of training at competitive fees to equip Therapists for the best possible career in Equine Massage Therapy & Rehabilitation. We also offer a number of add on CPD (continuing professional development) training days in associated therapies both complementary and alternative which are popular among our Graduates and again supplement your skills in Massage Therapy to be the best you can be. ​ By training to become a Massage Therapist, even if you chose another equine related career, the knowledge and skills you will have learned are an instant advantage when applying for jobs; employers are keen to have people who can multi-task within their team of horse professionals. Level 5 certification.

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