Equine Massage - Ruth & Joy Gaynor

Equine Massage - Made up of Ruth & Joy Gaynor, Ruth based in Co. Meath with Joy based in Co. Waterford Muscular and Skeletal issues affect equines in different ways and it also depends on which discipline they are engaged in. Whether you are an Owner, Coach or Racehorse trainer these therapies are invaluable and should be part of the programme to help improve and achieve success in your discipline. Equine massage is hugely beneficial to help your horse or pony deal with different levels of fitness, strenuous exercise, training, competitions, travel and the every day stresses of life. Remember your horse is an athlete – all athletes need their Massage Therapists. Equine massage therapies are not an alternative to conventional Veterinary care but are essential Complementary Therapy to help prevent injury. Both Therapies improve performance and speed up recovery for the next race or competition.
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