KSB Equine Ireland

KSB Equine Ireland, home to The Equissage Pulse & Imunn Ocean. Equissage Pulse is a horse massage system from Niagara Healthcare, a world leader in physiotherapy products. It delivers a unique ‘Cycloid Vibration Therapy’ (CVT) using either a hand massage unit or via a massage pad, which is secured around the horses body.CVT is used in both human and equine products and provides a deeply penetrating yet gentle 3 way massage. Used by top trainers and riders since it’s inception nearly 20 years ago, Equissage has been continually developed and Pulse is the latest model, which our customers love. THE BENEFITS; ● Enhances performance ● Improves recovery time ● Improves circulations ● Promotes wellbeing ● Improves mobility ● Helps lymphatic drainage ● Promotes relaxation THE IMMUN-OCEAN RANGE, 100% NATURAL PERFORMANCE SUPPLEMENTS FOR THE MODERN HORSE. Immun-Ocean products are 100% natural, Irish sourced and produced. From breeding stock to performance horses, Immun-Ocean brings results. Training horses for any sport is a complex jigsaw requiring many skills. However all disciplines have one thing in common – you must have a healthy horse to maximise their performance. Our products provide gastric and hind gut support. They support a healthy immune system, joint health and help with stress reaction, amongst other benefits. Feeding a good balanced diet with the appropriate Immun-Ocean product you do not need to feed any other supplements. Great value and simplifies the feeding regime. Our products do not contain any substances that are banned by the F.E.I, BHA and the Turf Club.
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