Ground-Up Horsemanship

Ground-Up Horsemanship ™ is based on established training and teaching techniques, but with a more modern understanding of the definition of the horse and it needs. But the main difference between some of the establish teachings on riding a horse, Ground-Up Horsemanship ™ starts with working and coaching with both horse and participants from the Ground Up... The traditional way to learn horse riding is to get riding lesson at the local riding centre . This is somewhat putting the cart before the horse approach, as many young , novice and nervous riders at the early stage have insufficient understanding of the horse or its nature. This often can lead to accidents or bad experiences. Even more experienced equestrians whose equitation skills are good also often show poor horsemanship skill when a horse reacts to instruction or request. Ground-Up Horsemanship ™ will teach the participants how to earn the respect of the horse. It will give the participant much more confidence when working with your horse. Its focus is on safety first for both the horse and participants. Its target is to teach and show leadership which the horse by its very nature needs and wants. This will ultimately lead to a much better and trusting relationship between the horse and the human . Once this has been mastered, then this relation can be continued and further developed from the equitation side of things.
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